About Universal Connection Blog

My name is David Sretenovic and I’m a man in my thirties with a wife and two kids. I’ve worked in a range of professions, from food service, small business and retail, to teaching, mediation and social work. I’ve also done some tertiary studies, most notably at the masters level, with a special interest in socio-linguistics. But my first professional love was teaching at high school: my passion for eliciting life-stories and personality from youth took me into teaching English. Nowadays I am the stay-home parent, caring for two toddlers! Also, having found a second home online (mostly Facebook and YouTube), I find myself engaging and expressing — hopefully with meaning and occasionally with inspiration! — online on a regular basis.

This blog is a meaningful outlet for me. I have so much to share, from poetry, to philosophical musings, to the gospel, to journal-life. I welcome readers to read and enjoy the liberation which I feel as I share on here. Thanks for visiting!

— David Sretenovic

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